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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Apple ICar

One of Apple’s board members, Mickey Drexler, said that Steve Jobs dreamed of coming up with iCar before he lost the prolonged battle to pancreatic cancer last year.

Steve Jobs wanted to change the face of automotive industry in America with his venture. Recently we saw pictures of a concept car called iMove floating across internet. The vehicle is largely inspired by various Apple products and its designer, Liviu Tudoran has designed this concept for year 2020.

There is no concrete proof of the vehicle getting into production as of now so there actually is no need to start planning to buy this futuristic vehicle. Drexler also confirmed that the vehicle was conceptualized by Steve Jobs but was not designed.


  1. That car looks futuristic. Can it transform into a robot?

  2. It looks great, but unfortunately if you pop the hood Apple voids your warranty.

  3. ^ Oh lol, you know they would....