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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mercedes E63 AMG

General Information & specifications
Get ready for some more genius German engineering, here is Mercedes-Benz with the E63 AMG. That the new E63 would not have a 6,2L V8 engine again is not news. What is new? In compensation for the loss of 700 cc they added 2 turbo's. The specifications for the newest Mercedes E63 5,5L V8 standard provides you with 525 HP, 700Nm torque and able to bring you from 0-100 km/h in just 4,3 seconds. That's not bad at all.

You better buy this E63 AMG with a performance package, this will upgrade your Horsepowers from 525 to 557 and also adds another 100Nm torque, resulting in a 0,1 second faster drag race to 100 km/h. Both limited on a 250km/h. More likely to buy the Estate will drop your acceleration speed with a tenth.

The smaller supercharged engine with a 7-speed automatic gearbox and the start-stop application its 22% more efficient than its predecessor. This means (only if you can behave yourself) you can actually drive 100km on less than 10 liters!

The market launched on on September 2011, prices in Germany remain unchanged at 105.000 euro for the Sedan. and 108.000 for the Estate. The AMG Performance Package adds an extra 8000 euro to the base price, which I think is really worth it.


  1. I need a new car.... any car!!!


  2. yo really good looking car, nice post =)

  3. Really nice car. I wouldn't mind owning one of these. =]

  4. Definitely too much for me :(

  5. A spectacular automobile, like everything from Merc.

  6. this car is plain awful.. wouldnt take it for free.

  7. Hot Car! Do want :D

  8. Sounds awesome! great post :D

  9. I've got to say, I like what they've done with the look. It has a classy blend between the old and the new.

  10. now that is a car!

  11. Omg i love v8 engines. D: